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How to connect! Empty How to connect!

Post by Manic on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:21 am

Step 1) First make a account at Official Blood-Bath Entertainment Website:
In Game Account Creation Page-

To make a account on our website,please agree to are terms and conditions,then all you have to do is just Click Register on the left hand side of the page and insert your information into the fields. that require your infomation i.e username and password.. accounts are activated instantly

Step 2.
"set realmlist" <<exactly like that.) Save the realm list and close it and open world of warcraft and enter your information and have FUN

Step 3.
log in wow and enjoy our Blizzlike,pvp,and all GM realms Smile please show your support by voting for us evry 12 hours,this will increse population 10 fold
thank you
manic please ensure your world of warcraft patch is patched to 3.3.5 or you will not be able to enter our server, we will update our patch when the newer patches become more stable for p.s Smile

How to connect! Hmmvj

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