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Post by Sgasher on Sun Oct 31, 2010 4:12 pm

Welcome To Blood-Bath Entertainment The Arena Tournament Server

General Information:
-Start at level 80
-Max Gold
-Inner Demon (Teleporter, Enchanter, Hunter Pets)
-Trainers at every town, city, and starting location
-Vendors & Trainers at every major city
-Enabled battlegrounds
-Working arena system
-Working spells and items

The Game World and Character Creation:
There are no computer-controlled enemies anywhere in the world. You may however be able to roam free in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. There is also a creature spawned database and working dungeon finder if you prefer to have PvE.

When you create a new character on the tournament realm, it will automatically be leveled to level 80 and loaded with gold. Characters have access to full sets of Arena armor and weapons, as well as items normally purchased with Honor, such as the PvP trinkets. In addition, a selection of raid epics with the same approximate item level as the Arena gear will be available.

Although the tournament realm resembles the actual Blizzard tournament server it is not an exact mirror. Arenas, battlegrounds, and some vendors, may be changed or modified in some way. Thank you for playing the 2010 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament Server!
Enjoy Playing!

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